Potential Off-Taker Demand for Green Power-to-X Products

This web-based tool seeks to identify and assess potential off-takers for green hydrogen and its derivatives – green ammonia, green methanol, and green synfuel. It spans eight vital sectors: aviation, chemicals, fertilizers, industrial heating, refineries, long-haul transportation, shipping, and steel. It concentrates geographically on Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, and Germany due to their promising renewable energy profiles, making them ideal for low-cost green hydrogen production. This study examines both domestic and international off-take potential, presenting snapshots for 2025, 2030, 2035, and 2040. Most interesting insights are summarized in key messages while the manual includes instructions on how to use the dashboard to ensure full user capability and confidence. SYSTEMIQ developed this tool on behalf of the Green Hydrogen Business Alliance.

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