GTAI x H2A: Webinar on Green Energies in Brazil

March 2023

On 7 March 2023, the H2A and Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI) joined forces to host another episode of GTAI’s H2 Update worldwide. More than 80 participants listened to the speakers from H2A, GTAI, AHK Rio de Janeiro and the companies Sowitec and H2 Core Systems giving an overview on green energies in Brazil as well as the market ramp-up of green hydrogen and PtX products in Brazil.

The panellists underscored the excellent conditions for a sustainable market ramp-up of Power-to-X products in Brazil. While there exists a considerable off-take potential in Europe, there are also many Brazilian stakeholders that are interested in the off-take of sustainable PtX products, especially in a future local fertiliser industry. The speakers agreed that socio-ecological aspects leading to a Just Transition should be equally considered.

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